Guangdong Unicom Get Through The World’s First 5G Phone Call

Recently, Guangdong Unicom and ZTE jointly tested the outside field of Shenzhen 5G scale and opened the world’s first 5G mobile phone outside call (First Call) based on the latest version of 3GPP. It took the lead to enjoy the WeChat, video and other wonderful applications under the 5G network. It’s significant to the 5G commercial process.

Encouraged by the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, China Unicom actively responded to the call of the state, accelerated the pace of 5G construction, aimed at creating the ultimate user experience, and built a 5G boutique network from a high starting point. Guangdong Unicom accelerated the development of the 5G industry with practical actions and took the initiative. A solid step.

This test uses a 5G end-to-end solution that follows the 3GPP Setemper 30,2018 protocol version of the core network, transport bearer network, and wireless network to the terminal. The current network verifies the large-scale antenna array, 5G new air interface, and NSA dual. The latest key technologies such as connectivity mode, FlexE transport technology, and full NFV virtualization core network. Guangdong Unicom took the lead in wirelessly realizing the successful connection between 5G mobile terminals and the network, and accelerated the maturity of the 5G terminal industry chain.