3-Way Wilkinson Power Divider 670-2700MHz N-Female

  • Product No.: PM-50NF3-670T2700
  • Spec.: 3Way, 670MHz-2700MHz, 50W, N Female
  • Features: Split signal and power


Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range(MHz) 670-2700
Type 3-Way
Impedance(Ω) 50
Average Power(W) 50
VSWR ≤1.30:1
PIM (dBc)  <= [email protected]*43dBm;  <= [email protected]*43dBm;
Or specify
RF Connector Interface N Female
Environmental Specifications
IP Grade IP65
Operating Temperature(℃) -35~ +65
Relative Humidity 0%-95%
Application Indoor or Outdoor


  1. In-building Distribution System and Mobile Communication Network Optimization;
  2. Split the one Input signal into 2,3 or more paths in telecommunication applications;
  3. Radar, electronic navigation and electric confrontation;
  4. Aerospace equipment systems;
  5. Cluster communication, satellite communication, shortwave communication and hopping radio.