5W Dummy Load DC-3G N-Male

  • Product No.: DL-5NM-3G
  • Spec.: 5W,50ohm, 3GHz, N Male connector
  • Features: power termination, resistance


1.what is the termination/dummy load?

Termination/dummy load is a resistive component that absorbs all the output

power of an electrical generator or radio transmitter in order to simulate

working conditions for test purposes.

  1. The functions of termination/dummy load?

a.to test a radio transmitter ,it acts as a protector to be a substitute of antenna.

50ohm dummy load provides proper resitance at final RF amplifier stage

  1. to prevent away from other radios interference when ajusting and testing the transmmiter

c.to be a replacement of the loudspeaker during audio amplifier testing.

d.to be used in the isolated port in a directional coupler and the unused

port of a power divider.

3.how to chose a dummy load and the important parameters?

  1. Frequency: DC-3GHz

b.power handling capacity:2w

c.VSWR: ≤1.2,means it is good

d.RF Connector:N-Male

e.IP Grade:IP65 means this dummy load is good at dust&water-proofing,

can be used indoor and outdoor.