Bolt-on Grounding Kit

For LMR400, CNT400, RG8, RG213, 7D-FB cable

  • Products ID.: GK-BTL400-0.6
  • Spec.: For LMR400, CNT400, RG8, RG213, 7D-FB cable, grounding cable length 0.6m, attached lug M8 one hole
  • Features: Excellent weatherproofing, excellent contact area with outer conductor of cable


Bolt-on grounding kit, earthing kit is designed to provide a secure grounding point to the outer conductor of LMR400, CNT400, RG8, RG213, 7D-FB cables.

Components List
Ground Strap (1) T2 copper
Ground Cable (2) 6AWG, 0.6m, copper
Lug (3) M8 One Hole, T2 copper
Heat Shrink (4) φ12×28
Bolt (5) M8×25, SUS304
Nult (6) M8, SUS304
Washer (7) φ8, SUS304
Spring Washer (8) φ8, SUS304
Weatherproofing Kit 1 roll of Butyl Rubber (50mm*0.5m*2mm)
1 roll of PVC Tape (50mm*6m*0.2mm)
Electrical Specifications
Touch Resistance ≤10 mΩ
Insulation Resistance ≥ 500MΩ
Resists Strike Electricity ≥75 KA
Resists Strike Electricity ≥75 KA

bolt-on grounding kit