Framework Grounding Kit

  • Products ID.: GK-FK**-0.6(**=Cable type)
  • Spec.: For 1/4″ to 1-5/8″ coaxial cable, grounding cable length 0.6m, attached lug M8 one hole or two holes
  • Features: Easy to install, no need for extra weatherproofing kit


Framework type grounding kit is a compact design for outdoor coaxial cable’s (corrugated or braid grounding). With tinned copper strip & butyl seal, framework type grounding kit offers quick installation, good waterproofing, and cost-efficiency.

Components List
Inner Strap Tin plated copper braid strap
Ground Clamp 304 stainless steel + EPDM rubber seal strip
Cable 6AWG, 0.6m
Cable Lug 2×M8 one hole or two holes, tinned copper
Heat Shrink φ12×28
Bolt M8×25, stainless steel
Nult M8, stainless steel
Washer φ8, stainless steel
Spring Washer φ8, stainless steel
Electrical Specifications
Touch Resistance ≤ 0.02Ω
Insulation Resistance ≥ 500MΩ
Resists Strike Electricity ≥50 KA
Size Table
GK-FK14-0.6 Framework grounding kit for 1/4” coaxial cable
GK-FK38-0.6 Framework grounding kit for 3/8” coaxial cable
GK-FK12-0.6 Framework grounding kit for 1/2” coaxial cable
GK-FK78-0.6 Framework grounding kit for 7/8” coaxial cable
GK-FK114-0.6 Framework grounding kit for 1-1/4” coaxial cable
GK-FK158-0.6 Framework grounding kit for 1-5/8” coaxial cable