Logarithm Period Antenna, 11dB, 824-9601710-2500-MHz

  • Item No.: LPA-800/2500-11
  • Size/Spec: 11db, 824-960/1710-2500-MHz
  • Function: Logarithm Period Antenna transmission & reception of signal


Log periodic antenna is one of the directional tabular antenna, commonly used in indoor distribution and the elevator signal coverage.Is a kind of wide band antenna.Mainly used in ultrashort wave band, also can be used as a short wave communication antenna and the medium wave and short wave radio transmitting antenna.


Item No. LPA-800/2500-11 LPA-800/2500-8
Frequency Range (MHz) 824-960/1710-2500-MHz 824-960/1710-2500-MHz
Gain (dBi) 11-dBi 8-dBi
Bandwidth 136/790-MHz 136/790-MHz
Beamwidth H:65/50-°  E:50/40-° H:60  E:60
F/B ratio ≥18-dB ≥18-dB
Intermodulation IM3 ≤-107-dBc ≤-107-dBc
V.S.W.R ≤1.5 ≤1.5
Input Impedance 50 50
Maximum Power 50 -W 50 -W
Polarization Vertical Vertical
Rated Wind Velocity 60-m/s 60-m/s
Connector N female or customized
Dimension (mm) 410x215x65-mm 330x215x65-mm
Net Weight (g) 1-kg 1-kg
Mounting L bracket & U bolts L bracket & U bolts
Mounting Mast Diameter 40-50-mm 40-50-mm