Guangdong CUCC and Huawei Deploy the Nation’s First LightSite2.0 Indoor 5G Solution

China’s 5G construction is accelerating, and indoor coverage is and indispensable and important scene. Recently, Guangdong CUCC and Huawei successfully commercialized the first indoor digital system LightSite2.0 for medium and low traffic and multiple partitions in Guangzhou Garden Hotel. Field test, 5G user experience rate can reach 690Mbps (C-Band 100MHz bandwidth).

Flexible 5G multimode integrated indoor digital system

The LightSite 2.0 system uses one headend and two external MIMO antennas to achieve three-point coverage. The product supports 2T2R and 3G/4G/5G network standard. Effectively reduce TCO while extending indoor deep coverage, maximizing end-to-end investment returns.

Efficient construction, rapid investment

LightSite 2.0 greatly simplifies design and engineering deployment with a digital architecture that is more than twice as efficient as traditional DAS. LightSite 2.0 can realize cell splitting and expansion only through software configuration, without the need to construct and increase the source like the traditional DAS solution. At the same time, when deployed indoors and outdoors at the same frequency, LightSite2.0 can support macro-micro collaboration and provide better network performance.

Visual operation and maintenance, create a network of ingenuity

It can realize end-to-end faults that are visible, manageable and controllable. This can proactively identify faults and capacity risks, and deal with them in advance, avoing user complaints caused by indoor network quality.

2019 is the first year of commercialization of 5G in China. As the key scene of the initial 5G construction, Guangdong Unicom has deployed large-scale traffic and high-traffic scenes at Baiyun Airport (600004), convention center, railway station, subway station and shopping center. 5G LampSite solution. Now LightSite2.0 solves the 5G coverage problem of low-traffic and multi-segment scenarios in office buildings and hotels, enabling users to get the best network experience “anytime, anywhere”.