Cold Shrink Tube for Cell Site

Cold shrink tube is a kind of pre-expanded in the removable supporting core. Unlike heat shrink it does not require any type of heating tool.

When in use, it’s only necessary to remove the supporting core after positioning and use its radial pressure to form a covering for cable, which plays the role of waterproof and moisture-proof sealing. Cold shrink tube has excellent weather resistance, acid, and alkali resistance, and achieves the effect of sealing with the breath.

It’s an ideal sealing product for communication cables, coaxial cables, medium and low voltage power cables.

It can also be used as a handle grip sheath, such as for hammer, spanner, ax, garden tools, and sports tools, which play a role in preventing slip.

Features & Advantages:

  • Easy to install. No need for heating or special tools, no need for hot melt glue or tape to strengthen the seal at the joint.
  • Incredible sealing properties. Compared with heat shrink tube, it’s more resistant to weather and UV aging, and will not become brittle after long-term use.
  • Synchronized thermal expansion and contraction with the workpiece in harsh environments, no gaps.
  • The sealing effect is still excellent with the workpiece in the state of wind blowing and swing

Silicone Cold Shrink Tube for Cell Site

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