Stainless Steel Combined Feeder Clamp for Optical Fiber Cable and DC Power Cable

  • Products ID.: FC23-13X14-47911
  • Features:
    Easy installation and reusable
    Capable to working in extrem temperature
    Widely used in 3G/4G/5G wireless cell tower


As a fixed device, feeder clamp is suitable for use in communication base stations, repeaters, indoor coverage systems, wireless paging and microwave communication systems. It plays a fixed role in the layout of transmission cables in iron towers, cable racks, indoor and outdoor, subways and tunnels, and can be used in different high and low temperature ranges. The feeder clamp has the characteristics of economical and practical, sturdy and durable, and reliable positioning, so it can be widely used in many communication projects.

Feeder clamp is divided into a stainless steel angle adaptor part and a plastic block part. The angle adaptor part adopts a variety of high-quality materials such as Q235, 201, 202 and 304. And after the treatment of Dacromet plating technology, it can achieve the surface acid resistance and high toughness performance, so that it can not be deformed or oxidized in the open air for a long time. The plastic block part is made of environmentally friendly polypropylene, ABS industrial plastic and anti-aging rubber, which makes it have the advantages of good impact resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.

And in order to avoid hand-piercing injuries during the installation process, the sharp edges of the C-type brackets are deburred, so as to achieve the dual effect of beautiful appearance and safety.

Components List Spec. Material Quantity
Angle Adaptor SUS304 1 set
Bolt M8×45mm SUS304 1 pcs
Bowl Gasket SUS304 1 pcs
Plastic Clamp PP 6 pcs
C Type Holder US304 1 pcs
Srew M8×120 US304 1 pcs
Nut M8 US304 3 pcs
Washer SUS304 2 pcs
Spring Washer Φ8 SUS304 3 pcs
Rubber Sleeve EPDM 12 pcs
Environmental Specifications
Working Temperature -55℃~+85℃
Salt Spray Test 48h no rustiness
Finish Black
Size Table
Product ID For Optical

(with grey rubber)

For RRU Power Cable

(with black rubber)

Plastic Clamp Dia.
CF23-13X14-47911 4.0-7.0mm 9.5-11.5mm 13×14mm
CF23-13X14-56911 5.0-6.0mm 9.5-11.5mm 13×14mm
CF23-13X14-78911 7.0-8.0mm 9.5-11.5mm 13×14mm
CF23-13.5X16-67911 6.0-7.0mm 9.0-11.0mm 13.5*16mm
CF23-12.5X16.2-78911 7.0-8.0mm 9.5-11.5mm 12.5×16.2mm
CF23-14X17-56911 5.0-6.0mm 9.5-11.5mm 14*17mm
CF23-20.5X23-781519 7.0-8.0mm 15.0-19.0mm 20.5×23mm
Customized Customized Customized