200W Fixed Attenuator 1-3dB 3G N Male to N Female

  • Product No.: FA-200NMF-3G-XXD (XX=1-3)
  • Spec.: 200W, DC-3GHz, N Male to N Female, 1dB or 2dB or 3 dB
  • Features: Low VSWR, Low Attenuation Accuracy


Electrical Specifications
Frequency RangeDC-3G
Power Capacity200 Watt
Attenuation (dB)123
Tolerance (dB)±0.4±0.4±0.5
General Specifications
RF Connector InterfaceN Male to N Female
ApplicationIndoor or Outdoor
Operating Temperature(℃)-40~ +80

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  1. Mobile Communication Network Optimization and Indoor distribution system.
  2. Cluster Communication, Satellite Communication, Shortwave Communication, and Hopping Radio.
  3. Radar, Electronic Navagation and Electronic Confrontation.
  4. Aerospace Equipment systems.